Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ed Houston


Puff-Puff here
Puff-Puff there
Puffin’ in the daytime, Puffin’ through the night
Puffin’ becomes a career, no other goal in sight

Peeking out the windows, everyone’s a cop
Everybody’s watching you, they know you hit the Rock
Puffin’ with Barcardi, 151’s the lick
Winding up with car antennas and a flick of the Bic

Puffin’ in the doorways with your back against the wind
Puffin’ in the alleyways behind those green trash bins
Ducking in that empty house to join the puffers there
Hoping someone will want to piece up, spend their last bus fare

Playing the pick up game, Oh yeah! You know the one where you crawl around on the rug
Scoring points for picking lint, white pebbles and dead bugs.
Most ladies just start out being puffers, but eventually they’ll fall
To sucking pricks and turning tricks in somebody’s car or behind some wall

But let’s not leave out the men who started puffing to be slick
Puffing to get the girls and rock their world, then leave ‘em and call ‘em sick
Men who started out being hunters, hunting “strawberries” by the score
Ending up giving blowjobs or with their butt up, head to the floor

Alcohol has a Spirit, cocaine and heroin too
Eventually the Spirit of your drug of choice will totally possess you
And the times you choose to use will no longer be up to you
Your obsession will say All the time, and there’s nothing you can do

Puff-Puff here
Puff-Puff there
If you’re a Puffer you know what I say is true
And if you’ve tried ALL ELSE, I know what will work for you

They’re the Steps 1 through 12, and they’ll work just fine
Because they’re based on the changing of your mind
But you’ll need Spiritual help to bring about this change
Allah, Buddha, Krishna just to name a few, but for me, the Lord Jesus is His name

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