Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don Kingfisher Campbell

I Wanna Go To The Sun
where I don't have to worry
about paying the rent

Shine on me with the music
of the spheres far away
from orthodontic bills

I'm Feeling Alive Again
forgetting what obligates me
to buy gallons of gas

I've got a Reason To Believe
I'll live long enough in this
universe to unneed a single body

Through instrumental Aperture
I rediscover my spirit
in tones without tangibility


  1. Poem composed by going to my mp3 player and using the first 5 random song titles played. The artists who play those songs in order are: Peter Frampton, Mike Oldfield, Ambrosia, Carpenters, and Harold Budd.

  2. "unneed a single body" - that gives me the shivers.