Friday, November 13, 2009

Don Kingfisher Campbell


I no longer listen to licorice pizza
spin in my 9x12 cobalt blue bedroom
while sitting on a triple-sheeted bed
staring at band posters on three walls

I don't even pop a plastic pop tart
into a bulky black metallic cuboid
caged within a wood-laminated rack
in a corner of our shag carpeted apartment

I also stopped sliding aluminum bagels
onto outstretched "clay" computer trays
seconds later hearing tinny rockers emerge
from likewise-colored package speakers

Now just like the new young people I
download electronically ephemeral codes
which produce sounds sourced a hemisphere
away by a law-breaking Australian I pay

But I'm still enjoying the same music
so my daughter and her friends disappear
when they hear a cosmic pixie sing
without an urban beat or hormonal longing

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