Friday, July 16, 2010

Eric Lawson


Between smaller towns I amble
Never near the urban areas
and always with a new tale
I am the wandering minstrel
The melodies are all the same
but by the time I make it back
to your forgotten town again
you have forgotten my scam
Only the words have changed
Call it verbal sleight of hand
Call it a trick of the trade
Call it whatever you will
Just as long as you call me
back here for more next year
I come with news of the day
I come with the latest fashions
I come here to entertain you
Just as long as it's entertaining
and different from last year
Stop me if you've heard this
Stop me if you are now bored
Stop me if I do not impress
Just as long as the impression
has eventually won you over
I shan't play my enchanted flute
I am afraid you would follow me,
breaking the simple musical spell
and be bad for minstrel business

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