Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maja Trochimczyk


- inspired by The Yellow Submarine and a drawing of Interior Courtyard, Rajput, Bundi

Did the Beatles see this Interior Courtyard
of Rajput, Bundi, in opaque pigment and gold
before filling it with strange creatures
running around during one stop
of the Yellow Submarine?

Indian women listen to the sitar’s drone,
waiting for countless doors to open and close,
for a Blue Meanie to chase George and Ringo,
and for Terrible Flying Glove to ominously giggle,
before a convertible arrives like deus ex machina
saving the boys from vile monsters
under tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

It is all clear now, all tranquil.
The swans doze in the pool,
flowers spread their fragrance,
the sails flutter in the breeze
of a pleasure ride on calm seas.

The attendants
rest in the wings.
The British play,
the invasion,
will soon begin.

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