Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Terry McCarty


met Leo Kottke
at the flagship store
on Sunset Boulevard
the very same place
where I saw Leif Garrett
and Justine Bateman shopping
and I knew to leave them alone
giving them the chance
to pretend to be ordinary people
the yellow-and-red
bagged and tagged
Tower experience
won't ever come back,
though I love the big Amoeba store
near the Cinerama Dome--
to engage in the dwindling
record chain-store experience
I have to drive to the South Bay
and patronize what used to be
Wherehouse and Sam Goody stores
it's harder to motivate myself
to travel so far for just that purpose
with iTunes and Spotify and
all the streaming audio services
we never knew we'd need--
amazing how the recession
and corporate mismanagement
turned the pleasure
of going somewhere
to buy music to own
for possibly a lifetime
into the same kind of
arcane, endangered,
inessential activity
as buying physical books
or tickets to theaters
that still show movies on film