Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wanda VanHoy Smith


A call on Saturday night from my jazz pal
BeBop Beverly who says on my phone.
Tomorrow, the tall sax man Pete and his short
trombone player partner Linda will introduce their
new CD at a big band concert at the Light House.”
'I'LL be there,” I promise. This is the sort of
day I need to inspire and set my muse on fire.
The Lighthouse Cafe gave birth to West Coast jazz
with cats like Shorty Rogers and his Giants.
Bev offers me a ride which I appreciate
I always have trouble accepting help graciously,
I spend a restless night shivering from a California
amazingly freezing cold snap and anticipation.
The first amazing event of this amazing Sunny Sunday
in Hermosa Beach is that we find a place not far
from the legendary jazz club to park her car.
We walk through the clubs back door in ghostly foot
prints of all star jazz greats Jerry Mulligan and
Chet Baker who made instruments cook tasty jazz,
Drinks in the club are Dizzy and Cannonball.
A short girl stands on the stage in front of a
eleven piece band and masters a tall trombone.
The two band Leaders have titled their amazing CD
TALL AND SMALL because Pete is a giant and Linda short
It is amazing magic to me that Linda Small
and her giant saxophone partner are introducing their
CD where Shorty Rogers and his Giants were famous.
At the end of the last set I go to Pete's table
facing a group of old jazz fan friends at the bar.
Pete sells the Tall and Small CD I ask “How much?”
Before I can open my purse, a new acquaintance jumps
up from the bar slaps down a bill and says
The pleasure is mine to give you the CD
I like the way the music makes your eyes shine
and lights up your face.”
The gallant stranger leaves before I can protest or
thank him with amazing grace.